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April 13, 2010


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Looks like a homeless person?  Actually, this shot was taken of MY spirit before I woke it up!!!! (I’m not sure why it looks like a man.)  It  was asleep, marked up from the world, cold and uncomfortable.  And please know this is my spirit when I was saved, not before!  I neglected the spirit of my soul and my spirit grew tired and then lazy.  I didn’t exercise it, and it was bloated and unhealthy.  I tried to imprint on it things that I thought were important, but as you can see, those things are gone, and their imprint of the world  on my body is all that remain. Why was my spirit sleeping on the street like a homeless man — I mean homeless spirit?  Because our spirits can do exactly as the prodigal son did, step out on our father willingly so we can slum it.  The most exciting thing about this is this “state” is caused by sleepwalking!!!!! Yes, that’s true!  Sleepwalking!!!!  So what’s the remedy?   WAKE UP YO SPIRIT!!!!!!!  If you haven’t seen your spirit lately, look under your bed or in a warm corner, chances are you’ll find it there…asleep!  Don’t nudge it gently, it will never get up.  Run and get a pail of cold water … or better yet, open up the window and pull in the garden hose.  Have someone  else outside turn it on full blast (You want to be there to see this yourself)  Put your thumb over the end so the water sprays and aim it, I’d say, hmmm, about an inch from your spirit’s face.  Yeah, you guessed it!  Spirit’s up real quick!

This is actually when

my husband, Jeff, woke up his spirit.  Wow!!

So glad we had a camera near!

Boy, when our spirits are asleep, we sure are ugly on the outside!

(amazing Jeff and I weren’t arrested walking around town like this, a

tattooed homeless person and an ape)

Once your spirit’s up, FEED it!!!! It’s hungry!  You don’t have

to start with baby food, go right to meat.  Keep feeding it.  One reason it left

in the first place was because you weren’t feeding it enough, and the aromas of the world drifted by and your spirit followed the smell.

It’s the soul that seems to be doing all the frantic running around.  Poor soul.  It’s your mind, your personality, your feelings, your emotions, your past, and it’s chatting at you nonstop like an ape asking for a banana.(Ask Jeff)   It’s pulled into SO many directions.

First, your body/flesh demands so much from your soul!  It’s different for everyone, but lots of bodies demand excess.  Excess anything,  excess food, drink, drugs, sex, clothes, cars, houses, money.  It’s endless.  Your flesh is a bottomless pit, so your poor soul runs around like a chicken with it’s little soul head cut off trying to satisfy this monster.   Not only are you trying to let your flesh have everything it asks for, you have those darn voices in your head!  The voice of the past telling you what you should have done, the voice of your broken heart telling you what could have been, the voice of your culture telling you what to buy and what to drive and what to wear!!! It’s exhausting!!!  We wake up with the voices, and we go to sleep with the voices.  And the only one that can soothe and calm your fractured soul is your spirit.  And where is your spirit?   ASLEEP in the corner!!!!  Now do you understand when I say bring in the garden hose?   Wake  up YO SPIRIT!!!!!  You need help!

Your spirit is large enough for God to live there!  And if you believe, He lives there.  The question is how much room does he have?  Hopefully more than the mother-in-law quarters.  The more reign he has, the more your soul is soothed.  He is the answer to everything and every voice in your head.  He has the road map for your life!  Ask directions!!!!  Throw the ape out and feed your spirit…it’s hungry!

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