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April 13, 2010


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Looks like a homeless person?  Actually, this shot was taken of MY spirit before I woke it up!!!! (I’m not sure why it looks like a man.)  It  was asleep, marked up from the world, cold and uncomfortable.  And please know this is my spirit when I was saved, not before!  I neglected the spirit of my soul and my spirit grew tired and then lazy.  I didn’t exercise it, and it was bloated and unhealthy.  I tried to imprint on it things that I thought were important, but as you can see, those things are gone, and their imprint of the world  on my body is all that remain. Why was my spirit sleeping on the street like a homeless man — I mean homeless spirit?  Because our spirits can do exactly as the prodigal son did, step out on our father willingly so we can slum it.  The most exciting thing about this is this “state” is caused by sleepwalking!!!!! Yes, that’s true!  Sleepwalking!!!!  So what’s the remedy?   WAKE UP YO SPIRIT!!!!!!!  If you haven’t seen your spirit lately, look under your bed or in a warm corner, chances are you’ll find it there…asleep!  Don’t nudge it gently, it will never get up.  Run and get a pail of cold water … or better yet, open up the window and pull in the garden hose.  Have someone  else outside turn it on full blast (You want to be there to see this yourself)  Put your thumb over the end so the water sprays and aim it, I’d say, hmmm, about an inch from your spirit’s face.  Yeah, you guessed it!  Spirit’s up real quick!

This is actually when

my husband, Jeff, woke up his spirit.  Wow!!

So glad we had a camera near!

Boy, when our spirits are asleep, we sure are ugly on the outside!

(amazing Jeff and I weren’t arrested walking around town like this, a

tattooed homeless person and an ape)

Once your spirit’s up, FEED it!!!! It’s hungry!  You don’t have

to start with baby food, go right to meat.  Keep feeding it.  One reason it left

in the first place was because you weren’t feeding it enough, and the aromas of the world drifted by and your spirit followed the smell.

It’s the soul that seems to be doing all the frantic running around.  Poor soul.  It’s your mind, your personality, your feelings, your emotions, your past, and it’s chatting at you nonstop like an ape asking for a banana.(Ask Jeff)   It’s pulled into SO many directions.

First, your body/flesh demands so much from your soul!  It’s different for everyone, but lots of bodies demand excess.  Excess anything,  excess food, drink, drugs, sex, clothes, cars, houses, money.  It’s endless.  Your flesh is a bottomless pit, so your poor soul runs around like a chicken with it’s little soul head cut off trying to satisfy this monster.   Not only are you trying to let your flesh have everything it asks for, you have those darn voices in your head!  The voice of the past telling you what you should have done, the voice of your broken heart telling you what could have been, the voice of your culture telling you what to buy and what to drive and what to wear!!! It’s exhausting!!!  We wake up with the voices, and we go to sleep with the voices.  And the only one that can soothe and calm your fractured soul is your spirit.  And where is your spirit?   ASLEEP in the corner!!!!  Now do you understand when I say bring in the garden hose?   Wake  up YO SPIRIT!!!!!  You need help!

Your spirit is large enough for God to live there!  And if you believe, He lives there.  The question is how much room does he have?  Hopefully more than the mother-in-law quarters.  The more reign he has, the more your soul is soothed.  He is the answer to everything and every voice in your head.  He has the road map for your life!  Ask directions!!!!  Throw the ape out and feed your spirit…it’s hungry!


March 31, 2010

Back to work

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Wow, today I’m back at the grind, and look!  The sun from Hawaii bleached out all my hair dye!  Wow,  I didn’t realize I looked that old without my makeup on.  I hate working on the assembly line….my back hurts.

The weird thing is…. I don’t even know how to sew!

March 30, 2010

Okay, I’m back home

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No, I’m not bitter, not at all.

March 13, 2010


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Aloha!  I’m  here!  In the South Pacific!!!!  I love this island the very best, and I’m moving here tomorrow.  It’s so great, in the morning I drink coffee and pet sharks, it’s incredible.  Kind of  a wierd plane trip over, next time I’m taking a boat.  I got on a packed plane and was lucky enough to get the middle seat in the middle aisle.  I was sitting next to a mom who was holding her 11-month old baby the whole way.   That part was fine, he was a sweetheart (when he was asleep) but her 2 and 4 year olds were in the seats in front of us and liked to stand up and look over the seat and drool on my laptop.  No complaints though, they were good kids and actually stayed in their seat!  BUT, the lil darling 2 seats up kept running up and down the airplane aisle.  It was the strangest thing.  No one said anything!  I tried to give him a dirty look, since his parents wouldn’t,  but all he noticed was that I was looking at him, and it kinda energized him.  (by now the lady to my right split, she couldn’t take it anymore.  I think she moved to the back of the place, or she jumped out, I’m not sure.) so I got to move over to the aisle seat.  So every time the kid ran by, he’d knock my shoulder.  I tried to trip him, but got a dirty look from someone watching me try to trip him.  Then he crawled up on the top of the airplane seats and slid down to where his cousin was sitting, over and over and over and over.  Not all terrorists are Muslim.  I don’t think he was undercover, it’s possible though cuz he terrorized a whole plane.  No one said anything.  Just a few dirty looks and an occasional foot in the aisle (which was mine)

It gets worse, mom to my left is kinda a free spirit, and she was nursing her baby and she and the baby fell asleep (that’s when he was a sweetheart) except her, uh, her, hmmm, her milker was out, the whole thing!  I didn’t know what to do, should I cover her up?  The whole plane could see her.  So I just looked forward.  At the back of the seat in front of me…and saw drool slowly drip down.

I landed in warm beautiful Oahu to change planes, quickly changed shoes (so I wouldn’t be identified as the tripper) and waited for my next flight which would be in a very small plane with very big people.  I was lucky enough AGAIN to get the seat next to the emergency exit, and could stretch out my legs.  Cuz I’m so tall, you know.  And the very grumpy and disgruntled steward of our flight came up to my row and asked all six of us if we were strong enough and willing to open the exit doors if the plane when down, I guess, you know, a price you have to pay to stretch your legs.  He really didn’t even wait for my answer,  I was thinking hmm, stretch my legs, save strangers and go down with the plane….I was just ready to tell him since I was short and not really benefitting from the extra 4 inches … but before I could tell him, he was gone, or so I thought.  I did tell the other tall guy that was really benefitting that if this plane when down, every man for himself.  But GRUMPY heard me, turned around and marched back, and yes, he did march!  He reprimanded me and told me if I couldn’t do it, I could move.  I stone-faced him, but instead my head was screaming, “Now I’m  the bad guy?????? I’ve just been in a plane for 5 hours with a 3 year old terrorist and a boob!  Give me a break!  I’m sorry I don’t feel like saving a planeload of people right now.”    But since Grumpy raised his voice,  the plane got quiet and I noticed people were now giving  me a dirty look!  Just cuz I wouldn’t go down with the plane for them.  As I  exited the plane, I had to watch my step…making sure no one was trying to trip me.

This is the car I rented, you know, suffering for the Lord.  I got it for only 17.00 a day.

First thing I did was pick up Spencer.   He looks great, he’s very happy.  We went and got a hamburger at a place called Hugo’s on the beach.  Then I got to go the YWAM (Youth with a Mission) campus.  I was shocked and amazed at what I saw.  It sits on 40 acres that overlook the ocean.  There are close to 400 people living there not counting staff.  What was so amazing is how many young families are there.  Lots of babies and little kids running around (it’s okay when you’re not in an airplane)  Their dining hall is outside under a big awning.  It is amazing!  Lots of hustle and bustle.  That night was their weekly service that they open up to the public.  It too is held outdoors.    They had invited some supporters of YWAM to come from all around the world.  One man from Europe had owned one of the biggest financial investment companies over there and sold his business.   He joked that if you want to become a millionaire, first become a billionaire and then meet a YWAMER.  It is absolutely amazing to see behind the scenes of all the people that God is using around the world to help.  One of the producers of Spider Man is a believer and he was there and spoke about the importance of Christian influence in Hollywood.  He said 20 years ago he couldn’t find another Christian in the industry but now it’s changing and Christians are infiltrating the industry.

But then…they brought up the speaker for the night.  He was a Haitian who had once been through DTS  (Discipleship Training) at YWAM in Kona, and had went back to Haiti and worked with the YWAM there to help his people.   The morning before the earthquake, his wife awoke him and told him she had a frightening nightmare, that in her dream something bad happened, really bad, yet she couldn’t tell what it was.  The next day she left the apartment to do some errands.  His little daughter begged him to come and hold her while she watched TV.  He told her no twice, but she was unrelentless.  Finally he walked over to her, scooped her up and held her.  Within minutes the ground began to shake, a loud cracking noise echoed throughout the small apartment and it simply split and collapsed.  He and his little girl survived.  His wife did not.  Wow, only one story among millions. That night YWAM took an offering and agreed the to pay for her casket which he still owed for.

YWAM has had a base in Haiti for over 19 years.  The man that runs it is Terry and he’s from Texas.  Before the earthquake he had so many hardships including having a gun put to his head three different times, and being put in jail.  His story about jail was rivoting.  He asked every man in his cell if they wanted him to pray for them for justice or for mercy (basically whether they were guilty or innocent)  By the time the sun rose, half of the inmates had accepted the Lord!  But in that jail there was no plumbing or toilets.  And this invited rats, really big rats, as big as elephants!  When he finally left jail, he went back to base and packed up.  He told the Lord that He was asking too much, he couldn’t do it anymore.  The morning he was going to leave, he checked his email first.  There was a letter from his dad, who didn’t know what was going on.  He had a story for his son he had been saving, about his dad, Terry’s grandfather.   It went like this:

Grandpa had been a preacher in the South.  He had a troubled heart for the way black people were being treated for he believed with all his heart and soul that every man was created equal before God.  So he took up their cause.  But before long, the scorn of racism transferred from the black community to him.  He was unable to eat in certain restaurant, unable to buy at some stores and his church was boarded up.  Grandpa spent the night praying and telling the Lord it was too much for him to bear, what could he do.   The next morning while his wife was cooking breakfast, he walked in.  She snapped, “Have you been up praying the whole night again?)  Grandpa answered yes, he had, and that the Lord had answered him.  Grandpa told his wife that God had told him that it was not he who would help the black man, it would come through his grandchildren.  And they would help a great multitude.  After reading this email, Terry turned around and unpacked his belongings.  He is still there.

Spencer will be at this YWAM base with this group.  The group there is absolutely exhausted, and are working 20 hour days.  They are expecting 750,000 Haitians to filter through.  There are 20 of them right now.  Spencer’s group will be there for 5 weeks living in tents. Please pray for Spencer.  Please pray for all the missionaries there.  They are overwhelmed.  YWAM sent a group of their photographers in last week to assess the need.  I was personally able to talk to one of them last night.  This guy has traveled around the world photographing for YWAM and bringing the gospel to some of the poorest places on earth.   They spent 5 weeks in tents in Afghanistan (while the war is going on)  Yet out of all the places he’s been he told Spencer it was the most emotional and saddest place he’d ever been.  Six weeks after the earthquake and people are coming to them with crushed body parts and open wounds and they have never been seen by a doctor yet. He said he cried everyday he was there.   I think of the verse Luke 10:2 where Jesus said “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.  Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

Something interesting to note, in the late 1700s Haiti had a half million slaves working the crops of sugar cane, coffee, cocoa and cotton for rich white plantation owners.  They belonged to France.   A few of the slaves escaped to the mountains and started their own community.  In a ceremony where a pig was sacrificed, the escaped slaves led by their leader Boukman, drank the still-warm blood from the sacrifice and made a pact to serve the island’s gods including the devil for 200 years in exchange for freedom from the French.  Seven days later a bloodbath took place, wiping out the French overseers and plantation owners.  On January 1, 1804 France acknowledged the independence of Haiti.  January 1, 2004,  Haiti’s debt was paid in full to the devil.  For the last 206 years Haiti was still enslaved, this time their oppressor was the principalities and powers of the air.  (Ephesisans6: 12   For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against  the authorities, against the cosmic powers  over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.)  Their religion of voodoo is the devil’s magic.  But the pact is now broken, the 200 years has passed.  The harvest is ripe.  This nation will either slip back into Satan’s clutches, or be liberated through Christ.  It is on a teetering point.  Which side will end up with Haiti’s precious people?

If you’re like me, it’s easier to turn off the TV when the images of the Haitians is on.  It’s easier to think about the few that have got adopted and can be loved and cared for.  But those words, “It happened on our watch”  that haunts me.   We have to help.  The bordering country, the Dominican Republic,  has become a pathway for sex trafficking.  If you were Haitian, what would be your prayer right now?  Be the answer.

If you want to support Spencer, please call YWAM this week and donate.  (Their whole team is still $20,000 short) and they’re leaving this Thursday for training in LA, then to New York then to Haiti.   That may seem like a lot, but when God guides, He provides.  When  Spencer reaches his goal, then any extra money will go to the deficit for the team.  If you would rather donate to something else, you can buy a shelter for a family in Haiti for $300.  Remember, YWAM pays no salaries, so your money goes straight to the cause.  1 (808) 326-7228 Campus Switchboard (ask for donations, then designate Haiti mission, and if you want it to go to Spencer, you can.   if you want to buy a shelter, it’s called Esbenshade’s tents)You can use a credit card to get it their now.   Their address is University of the Nations, 75-5851 Kuakini Highway, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740-2199.  To see the YWAM Haiti website go to…/tabid/2326/Default.aspx – Cached

Okay, back to me.  Not all  sharks are friendly or tame.  They just don’t realize how sharp their teeth are.  This is my hand after a morning of mocha  and petting.  It  kinda  still hurts.  But I always carry butterfly Band Aids with me.

Today is Sunday in the South Pacific.  Life is good.  My hand feels much better today.   I’m  holding a Shark Seminar today in the cove , they need a little attention and guidance.

God has such a sense of humor!!!! Guess what?  No, seriously, guess…. I am staying in a  little studio underneath an awesome house across the road from the ocean….all was well the first night…. the second  night some nice people rented the house above with two little darling boys….who rise with the sun and  obviously are training for  the Olympics in track & field.  Their little chubby legs carrying their bodies over the wooden floor, which ironically is my ceiling, over and over and over!  Such energy in the early morning!  What is really cute is they have a whistle, why train for the Olympics if you don’t have a whistle.  The problem is they go to bed early and get up before the earth awakes, and I’m hanging out with Spencer who goes to bed when the sun is also starting to rise….I’m averaging about 13 minutes of sleep a night.   Last night Spencer and 3 friends  slept at my place. (I have probably a whole 250 square feet)  I think it’s cuz I have food here.  Ryan slept out in  the lanai on a fold away bed, one in my bed and TWO in single bed….I should have never stopped at the grocery store.  All these big guys in my once-clean bathroom showering and whatnot…….I told em they could just take the food…..

I got this feeling they’ll be back…..

Yesterday we went to the beach all day long!  So much fun! if you look at the dot in the water, that’s me.  I was doing a

“Sharks are nice people too” campaign

Most of you know I’ve been taking Sadie to dog training classes  on Wednesday nights.  I’m implementing these very same tools with the sharks.  Real simple stuff, sit, stay, come, don’t eat.  Who knows,  I may pioneer the very first “best of show shark show” and be in the rink with them.

Enough with the sharks.   I’ve got something really amazing to share with you.  We had a speaker who has traveled all around the world for 20 years and had amazing stories.  But it was a real powerful teaching yesterday.  He explained how we are made up of 1. body, 2. soul and 3 . shark.  I mean spirit.  (Dang, I got shark on the brain…uh oh, that rhymes)  Anyways, when you’re not a Christian or not walking with the Lord you live from the outside in.  That means that you use everything on the outside to fulfill the inside.  You take externals to satisfy your internal, which we all know is impossible.  We use entertainment, music, shopping, food, alcohol, sex, people, relationships, religion, clothes, money, vacations, and even sharks to try to make us happy on the inside.  We’ve all been there, in fact, I would say even as a believer I spent many years living this way.  But when you live the opposite, from the inside out, that is where your spirit (which is where the Holy Spirit lives) teaches and convicts the soul.  When the soul is fed from the Spirit, we start living in harmony with God’s will for our lives and it flows outward.  The more we’re filled with the Holy Spirit, the fresher our fruit.  So when we as believers allow bad things in our soul, it imprints.  We have to be careful what we allow in, because our soul, made up of our emotions, feelings, mind, personality, its eager to take whatever we give it.  Feeding our soul from our spirit teaches us also that the body doesn’t get to have everything it desires.  That’s where fasting comes in, to have your spirit rule over the body, to put the body in control.  This lesson was very tangible to me.  I already knew what God’s will in a certain area was for me, and when I started to go against it, I saw it for what it was, my flesh wanted a new dress!!!!! (Dirty ol’  flesh)  God had already told me where I stood with him on money right now….But it was so much clearer when I realized what it was.  Mastery over the flesh. Sure helps when you know who you’re enemy is.  I just never realized it was me.

Tuesday:  Okay, so the seminar didn’t go so well.  (I didn’t realize I needed to shave my legs so bad.)

Wednesday:  Now that I’m  local, I’ll be referring to you dear friends as Brah.  It sounds like bra, but it’s not.  Islander talk, dakine?  That’s more islander talk….Do you remember the song from Saturday Night Fever:  Burn, baby burn….?????check out this new photo:

You know, I know better than this, but hanging with the locals and all, surfing, swimming with the sharks, I didn’t want to be seen as a haolie, Brah, so I didn’t put any sunscreen on, dakine?  Now, I’m daburned. and it dahurts.  And I’m dadumb.  My nose is peeling so bad I’m afraid the whole thing is going to fall off.  Then how will I breath, Brah???????

Did I tell you I was moving here tomorrow?  Yep, me and my bras are moving here, socks too.  I told Jeff to start packing, but he said he had another call….hmmm.

Boy, today’s session was incredible!  God is so gigantic and awesome.  It’s really humbles me when I hear about His great work, all around the world.  I’ve learned so much.  God should be getting bigger and we should be getting smaller.  (I’m not talking about dieting)  The speaker today intertwined the humanism culture that we live in and how it blinds us to Christ.  We are to come to Him as a small child, but when we live in humanism, we want everything to make sense, we want to be able to prove things, we want to be politically correct.  We have our education and social status, and it all has to make sense.  And we have to look like a Christian too, that proves we really are one to others (and to ourselves)  But God wants us to have faith and to trust Him and to learn to hear his voice.  And to do that, we have to come to Him as a child.  I’ve heard a few different stories on healings in other countries, and sometimes they have been done by a small child.  Of course it is God who does the healing, but the child had the faith.  We have to step out and be bold for God.

What I’m going to share may be a little weird to some of you, but what do I have to lose?  You already think I’m a weirdo, hey Brah?

I had a divine appointment in late fall.   I freelance and I had a 9:00 job in Sacramento, which was a little strange to me.  I was requested.  I’m a court reporter and we’re a lot like lamps.  It doesn’t matter which one you have, they all work the same.  So it was a little weird that the Department of Health requested me.  I had only worked with them once.  (God’s hand was already in motion.) So I went.  The job lasted a whole 5 minutes!  I was done at 9:05.  I decided to go to Berean Book Store, but had to wait cuz it didn’t open until 9:30.  I found the book I was looking for (ironically it was  Can Sharks be saved?) and I headed to the register.  The store was quiet and empty, with only the cashier and the man who was paying for a CD.  I heard him say, “She is anointed, uh huh!”  I couldn’t help myself,  I asked this man who was anointed?  We had small talk and I agreed to get a copy also of the CD but I assured him if this lil gal wasn’t anointed I was gonna come  looking for him.  We laughed.  I went to the back to find the anointed one.  The man came back to me and told me this in a nutshell:

Friday AM:  So sorry!!!!!!  I just left you on the end of the cliff:::: WHAT DID THE MAN SAY????  Did he have a date for the end of the world?  Did he have a great pie crust recipe?  Did he tell me I talk too loud in a Christian book store????

Well, I had to leave my story writing because Spencer snapped his finger, (That’s my clue to jump up)  JK  (sort of) and we headed out to the gigantic rolling waves that sparkle in this paradise.   You’ll be proud, I TOTALLY ignored the sharks.     But I will tell you the rest of the story about the man at the bookstore,  what the man told me in the bookstore was told at the meeting! But unfortunately I hear someone snapping their fingers…..

AM Anyways……. I wish you all could experience this incredible place, I don’t mean Hawaii, even though it is incredible, I mean being at this awesome place of worship at YWAM.  It’s been the most refreshing thing I’ve done in a long time.  To see all this young people serving God is inspiring.  This morning a missionary that had lived in Haiti 22 years ago spoke because he went back after the quake and got in last night.  He said the devastation is so severe there are no words for it.  Meeting children in the street that have lost both parents.  He said there is nothing to say.  You just love them and do what you can to help.  50 percent of all the buildings in the capitol are collapsed.  Out of the 50 percent that are left, 25 percent are partially collapsed and need to be bulldozed.  Imagine if Washington DC lost 75 percent of its buildings!!  And there’s no money to rebuild.  But he said that God’s grace is there in an abundance.  In fact, he said he’s never felt the grace of God stronger than he felt in Haiti.  A lot of the injuries are spinal cord injuries because a lot of their buildings were made out of cinder block.  He took a girl on a bus 2 hours away to get help for her because she was paralyzed in her legs.  When they got to the doctors they examined her and told him there was nothing they could do for her.  He was devastated and said he just couldn’t tell the family, they were all waiting on the bus.  So he went to the bus and reached for the girl’s hand and told the family, that she would forever be paralyzed.  He began to pray for her and the doctor began to pray for her laying hands on her.  The doctor heard a noise in her legs and she was then able to walk!  They actually have it on videotape.  He said it was amazing!!!!!!! Now, this was the interesting twist, we have a country that has been entrenched in voodoo and witch craft for 200 years.  They have been completely brought to their knees. They have nothing.  And we the body have been praying for revival.  This country is ready, is ripe for revival.  The whole world is watching including CNN.  So he believes if the workers go in, revival in Haiti will happen.  Something will take over.  It’s just a question of what.  He actually asked the kids to consider making a 3 year commitment to stay in Haiti.  It’s just meeting basic needs and loving people that feel hopeless.

I’d tell you the story up there I was going to tell you in a nutshell but I’m  tired,  sleepy, it’s not easy being local.  I saw a funny shirt that said Dyslexics are teople poo.  Night. (I  just right now figured out why you say Aloha.  It’s AloHAHA you’re not here!)

Friday afternoon:  Spencer left.  His team is  on their way to LA for more training and then New York and then Haiti.  They prayed for the team before they left.  And then they loaded them and a bunch of peanut butter sandwiches up on the van to take them to the airport.  Like any good son, his main concern was for me and the sharks.  I’m here for another day by myself.  How will I possibly know when to eat or where to go if I don’t hear the snapping???? I’m heading out right now for some R&R and some surf.

The only snapping I can hear is the turtles.       

(see my foot? that means I’m resting.)

Caught a wave here, Brah.

Hey, you’ve never asked about my other family!  Yeah, it’s true, I       have a family on the mainland.  A husband and two more haolies.  I sure miss those white guys. The Mr. took the week off and unfortunately everything went     smoothly.  I was hoping, you know, like maybe the washer would overflow, maybe the dog would get sick on the carpet, Max could have a huge project due…in 12 hours, maybe Nolan would forget to come home….but oh no, everything went as scheduled.  He went grocery shopping, kept the house clean, did laundry and worked outside…..He’s on to me now… hmmmm, “what does that girl do all day?”  He’s smart enough not to actually ask me that, but ……

Saturday AM:  I walk across the tarmac to the big bird.  I actually get a lump in my throat saying goodbye to my motherland.  I promise her I will be back soon, and her sleepy palms wave only a farewell, not a good bye to me.  I’m no sissy lala so for me to get teary-eyed, well, I’ve been rocked.  The last time I cried I was in labor.

I will tell you I don’t think it’s wise to load passengers onto an airplane right off the cement, cuz, well, you get a good look at the plane.  I believe our plane needed new tires.  I decided to keep it to myself, but ignorance is bliss.  The least I know about planes, or anything else for that matter, the better.

:Look closely in this picture, do you see them?  Look closer, there’s a herd of sharks out there in the ocean, see ‘em?  They’re still following me!  And I’m in the plane still ignoring them. They had their chance.

I met the neatest kid on the plane.  Darrin, from Kaui, he’s 18 and a believer.  I ended up telling him about YWAM and I gave him the book on it.  He wants to go now.

I’m not sure I’m old enough to travel alone.  I had a 4-hour layover in Honolulu and why wait in the air-conditioned restaurant and relax when I can board a humid city bus, and sit in traffic for an hour?   It all started when I boarded the bus…how did I know I didn’t have any money?  (I should have suspected it since I’d been with Spencer)  The driver let me on the bus and told me to get my mola (that’s moo la)   Well, those old fashioned buses have no slot that I could find anywhere to swipe my card, he actually wanted cash!  Since there wasn’t any money in my wallet I needed to find my change purse, but it was packed away in my suitcase…or so I thought.   I already looked a smidgeon bit homeless, riding the city bus with bags, which technically makes me a bag lady.  So I opened up my suitcase, could not find my change purse.  REAL locals ride the bus.  I did not feel one with them.  They were staring.  I could not find my change purse anywhere in the mound of clothes.  How would you like to air your dirty laundry literally?  The reason it wasn’t in there was because it was in my purse…….I’m looking straight ahead on this bus ride.

Saturday afternoon:  Oh boy…. That was close.   Okay, I took the bus to Waikiki, thinking I’d have an hour or so to eat on the beach, do the shaka sign to tourists, you know, the regular stuff.  So once I’m on bus the bus it puffs and snorts and stops about ever 50 feet.  Picking up more scary people.  It  was strange though, my shoulders were peeling so bad I kinda looked reptilian. See? It was the best shot I could get being that my neck’s not long enough to hold the camera back any further.

At one point, this is no joke, the entire bus was packed, and me and my bags and my reptilian bare shoulders sat by ourselves, with two EMPTY seats next to me.  Wow, now I’m the terrorist.  Funny how things change.  Anyways, I finally get off at the stop at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, the pink one.  It wasn’t the same, with all my luggage.  As I stepped off the bus, I asked the driver how long it would take me to get back to the airport.   As the bus doors slowly slid shut, his mouth seemed to go into slow motion, two hours.  TWO HOURS??????  I’ll miss my plane!  Oh goodness, oh my.  My Mr. will never believe this, how do you miss your plane on a connecting flight?  Oh boy.  I didn’t know what to do.  I felt like a lost runaway from New York City as I watched the bus drive off leaving its trail of pollution.  Wow, I’m going to end up homeless. How could this happen.  I must have looked lost because a few people asked if I needed help. (people tend to try to help old women with luggage chasing a bus)   My carry-on bag was heavy and digging into my shoulder.   I literally was walking in circles.  I  prayed to God and explained I didn’t want to do a homeless ministry.  In his awesomeness, he led me to young man that was in the navy.  He was getting into a taxi van.  I asked him if he was going to the airport, he said he was going to the Air Force base very close.  I asked the driver if I could go along. Sure!  For $20.00 I could go to the zoo for all he cared.  I was delivered to exactly the same spot I had started at…. $20 bucks and some change for the bus.  The good part was the kid I met, Mike, was a delight and I got to talk to him all the way back.  I need to check to see what the minimum age is to travel alone.  Probably 50.

Now I’m on the plane heading home to see my haolies and try to talk Jeff into moving next week.  Pray for me.

Looking back on this last week, I can honestly say it was one of the most amazing times in my faith.  I thought it was going to be like a retreat where I would be on the mountain, but the Lord peeled off a lot of layers this week. Ouch!  In Hebrews 13:26 God talks about shaking.  Our nation and our world is definitely being shaken.  Literally with earthquakes and also with financial earthquakes, but God’s kingdom cannot be shook.  So what do we do so that we’re not shook?  Get right with everything in our lives.  Confess our sin and turn from it.  Ask God what needs to be put in order.  Then when the shaking comes, you will withstand.   If there is nothing in you that can’t be shook, then you won’t!  I also learned that the reason the church is so lukewarm in the west is because we haven’t been persecuted. When persecution comes,  the church explodes….guess what may be around the corner???  Only 3 percent…that’s right, 3 percent, of Evangelical Christians every share their faith in their whole lifetime in the west.

Okay, back to my story in a nutshell from up there:  This sweet man told me that God is gathering a remnant of believers all over the earth.  This remnant  will bring in a great revival that will take place.  In Acts on the day of Pentecost, 3000 believers were saved.  There will millions saved all around the world.. When this remnant speaks, it will be like fire coming out of their mouth.  There will be no more gray, only black and white.  This week those exact words  were said from the pulpit!  I almost fell out of my seat (but I didn’t want to get my shorts dirty) Same, same, same exact thing!  This speaker also said that he had felt in his heart that the Lord had showed him 3 days earlier that this group of kids would be amongst it.  Okay, if you’re starting to roll your eyes, I understand.  But God is supernatural, and He does speak to his flock and he does signs and wonders and he heals!  His holy spirit is active and alive.  One thing I’ve found out, just because we in the west don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.  That’s one of the symptoms of humanism, that we actually have more  faith in education and theory than in the Lord.  If it doesn’t make sense, or if we don’t see it or  it can’t be proved, we collectively don’t believe it.  But signs and wonders are happening all over the earth.  God is actively showing himself to the earth.  Things are beginning  to rumble.

Sunday AM:  Uh oh, I think I may have misdiagnosed myself.  I don’t think I’ve been peeling from my sunburn, I think I may have leprosy!  The weirdest thing about this is that the lepers colony is in Hawaii.  Now what are the chances of that?    Now I know why no one would sit next to me on the bus, they knew what it was.   I believe I’m very contagious.  Remember I thought my nose was going to fall off???  It is!  I guess I need to go to Molokai, the leper’s colony and live in solitude,  darn it.

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